It all started when…

A great team came together at Dr. Perez's Cosmetic Dental Spa. We realized that along with our quality dental work and passion for cosmetics and overall health that we could venture out into creating a small, very specialized SPA.  Here at iGlow we have chosen to specialize in sunless tanning and eyelash extensions. Your health, safety and happiness is our main focus.  

Kerry...I have been a dental hygienist for ten years.  I love working closely with people in a one on one relationship to improve oral and over all health.  I also feel passionate about the cosmetic aspect of our practice.  From here, we developed iGlow.

 In the recent years I have taken it upon myself to become educated in many areas of skin health and new anti aging technologies as well as the best products and procedures for problem skin.  

Why did I chose to offer sunless tanning?  I have very pale skin that burns easily.  Over the years I have longed to have more color and warmth in my complexion without the damaging effects of too much sun.  I have tried everything! I came upon a product that I loved so much I wanted to share it with others.  It is a beautiful, healthy sunless tan with options!  I love helping women of all shades achieve a stunning glow along with confidence and love for their bodies. 

My partner Maritza and I are proud to work together in providing quality spa treatments.  Along with her passion and skill in eyelash extensions, we make a perfect team! 

Maritza... Good hygiene is such an important quality to have. This is why I became a certified dental assistant in 2012, as well as a licensed cosmetologist in 2011. I enjoy helping patients in the dental field along with Dr. Perez and Kerry. Together we make a great team!

Throughout the years, I've gained experience at multiple beauty salons and dental offices.  Building our business, iGlow is a dream come true for me. I am truly excited about what I have to offer.  I specialize in eyelash extensions. I am a perfect fit for the profession since I am so patient and detail oriented.  I am excited to be in the business of inspiring and empowering others! 

I believe we all have the capability to be beautiful.  Pamper yourself at iGlow!


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